IMEG Rapid Analysis – Net Zero


This tool was created to help with early planning and feasibility of solar PV for a building site. Many projects want to see what solar PV means for their project – how big does it need to be, how much does it cost, what is my ROI, is it even possible? This tool provides a way to cut through multiple meetings and iterative calculations that can take several weeks to coordinate. Just get all parties on the call and do it in real time!  New features have been added to also calculate the operational carbon for consumption, generation, and offsets.  This helps chart the path to carbon neutral design.

As demonstrated in the video, simple inputs for building size and energy use start the analysis. If building energy use (EUI) is not known, benchmark data is provided for reference using the info callouts. Inputs are provided for electricity rates and generation potential based on geographic location (kWh/kW). Most projects will consider the on-site option first. By inputting roof/site area and estimated cost in the first tile, the tool gives you both financial and total energy offset data instantly. Additional functionality is available to assess off-site options – both community solar and virtual power purchase agreements (PPAs) can be assessed with the tool. Together financial feasibility and path to net zero energy and carbon is right at your fingertips.

Please watch this video demonstration: