Transportation (Roads, Highways, Bridges)

Combining Creativity and Practicality

Where do we go from here and how do we get there? From conceptual alternatives to a completed design, we combine creativity and practicality to meet your specific transportation needs including roads, highways, and bridges.  Whether expansion of existing corridors or new construction is required, the outcome is the same: a long-term, cost-efficient solution.

Project Types

  • Transportation Planning and Funding
  • Value Engineering and Alternatives Analysis
  • Project Study Reports and Advanced Planning Studies
  • Traffic Studies
  • Bridge and Roadway Design

  • Non-motorized Corridor Design
  • Drainage, Erosion, and Stormwater Control
  • Project Phasing
  • Right-of-Way Determination
  • Utilities Relocation Coordination
  • Construction Management

Corey Stout, PE, is a senior civil engineer and project executive. He serves as IMEG’s transportation market leader and is responsible for client development and project strategy. Watch a 3-minute video Q&A about IMEG’s transportation market. Contact Corey to learn more.