Learning & Development

Culture of Learning

IMEG is committed to providing our team members with on-going education, training, and mentoring. To facilitate this, we have a corporate education team that supports the company’s strategic goal of continuous education, training and professional development. The team coordinates in-house workshops, outside seminars and continuing education for all staff.  In fact, last year IMEG invested more than 15,000 hours in formal and informal development activities. This included technical, business, project management, and interpersonal communication skills.

For new graduates, IMEG has a two-year training program designed to supply new engineers with a solid foundation on which to build a successful career. New team members begin with a comprehensive introduction to the firm and the field of engineering. A professional mentor is assigned to guide the new engineer through building systems design for a wide variety of building types. The support and expert guidance of a mentor has proven to produce rapid career development. It is just one of the ways IMEG encourages and assists its employees to become licensed Professional Engineers.

We offer our staff:

  • Year-round in-house training with technical experts, departmental leaders and vendors
  • Formal mentoring program
  • Advanced on-site business courses
  • Tuition and book fees for advanced training
  • Memberships in professional engineering societies
  • Technical library in each office
  • Latest technology and software to support our service offerings