Jefferson Street Pedestrian Bridge

IMEG recently completed Phase I and II Design Engineering and Phase III Construction Engineering for the Jefferson Street Pedestrian Bridge Replacement project. As part of the Phase I services, IMEG assisted the Rockford Park District in obtaining Federal Grant Funds for this important segment of the downtown Rockford “complete streets” transportation system.

The existing five-span prefabricated steel truss pedestrian bridge with wood decking was attached to and supported by the iconic Jefferson Street Roadway Bridge, an arched concrete structure that conveys vehicular traffic from east to west across the Rock River. Because the pedestrian bridge had aged prematurely, was structurally unsafe, and was closed to the public, the Rockford Park District obtained federal funding to completely remove and replace it and repair the existing ramps connecting it to the ground on the east and west sides of the Rock River.

The new pedestrian bridge structure includes a silver powder-coat finish and incorporates wood decking material that is resistant to warping. Decorative colored-steel leaves are attached to the new railing, and a brightly colored overhead leaf canopy structure diverts salt-laden stormwater that otherwise would fall from the roadway bridge above and prematurely deteriorate the new pedestrian bridge. Security lighting was also incorporated into the design.

Phase I services included coordination with the Rockford Park District and Larson & Darby Group Architects to complete the conceptual design of the bridge, bridge railings, and canopy
structures. A Phase I Project Development Report (PDR) also was prepared and approved by IDOT District 2.

Phase II design services included preparation of structural engineering plans, special provisions, and cost estimates for the replacement structure and ramp improvements.

Phase III construction engineering services were recently completed, and construction operations were documented in accordance with IDOT requirements for federally funded projects.

Rockford Park District
Rockford, IL
Five-span, 403 feet long
Services Provided

Civil, Structural, Construction Administration/Inspection