New Headquarters and Warehouse Building

IMEG provided structural design services for the new Heavy Fleet Corporate Headquarters, a single-story, 20,000-sf office/warehouse building located in Prince William County, VA. Heavy Fleet specializes in providing tools and parts for heavy duty truck repairs. The company offers 24-hour access to their inventory and offers 24/7 convenient service to place orders.

The structure includes a truck maintenance bay, parts distribution center, and office space. Load-bearing concrete tilt-up panels are utilized for the structural system. Simple features are used to create an art-deco style exterior facade. A 10-foot cantilevered galvanized steel-finned sunscreen with canopy can be found at the main entrance and four 24-foot anodized aluminium spires in stainless steel boots accent the main and retail entrances.

Heavy Fleet Products
Manassas, VA
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