New High-End Office Building

IMEG engineers utilized structural steel stub-girder framing with slabs-on-metal-deck for the Tysons Overlook office building in Tysons Corner, VA to solve mechanical ductwork placement challenges, which also resulted in reduced total building height and architectural cladding costs.

Tysons Overlook is in a prime location in Tysons Corner, VA, surrounded by several leading corporations’ headquarters. The 12-story, 320,000-sf office building includes one level below-grade and is considered to be a trophy facility with high-end finishes and amenities. Features include high-performance glazed curtain wall and continuous window wall with uninterrupted views; fully equipped fitness center, event terrace, on-site restaurant, and spectacular landscaping. In addition, a covered walkway connects the office tower to a five-story, 315,000-sf (900-space) parking garage. Tysons Overlook is certified LEED Gold.

The office tower utilizes a steel frame structure. IMEG used structural steel stub-girder framing with slabs-on-metal deck for the office building to solve mechanical ductwork placement challenges. Typically, the mechanical ductwork runs beneath the structural steel framing in office structures resulting in an increased plenum depth that has to be covered with expensive architectural cladding. The stub-girder system provides space between the structural beam and the slab-on-metal deck to run the mechanical ductwork. While the stub-girder is slightly deeper than a traditionally framed steel structure, there is a considerable depth reduction when the mechanical ductwork is included. The stubgirder system saved an estimated 12” per floor on Tysons Overlook reducing the total building height and reducing architectural cladding costs. The parking structure is a precast concrete garage system with a cast-in-place concrete retaining wall system.  The garage, which was built into a hillside, has cantilevered retaining walls that are up to 37’ tall along the east elevation.

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