SBN Far Detector Building

The Far Detector Building is home to one of three particle detectors used in Fermilab’s Short-Baseline Neutrino Program. The particle detector, and associated computer racks and equipment, are located on the building’s lowest level approximately 36 feet below grade. The facility’s main level has skylights, high ceilings, an indoor loading dock, and an overhead bridge crane system used to move equipment and lower shielding blocks into place for experiments.

IMEG provided energy modeling and tested various strategies to meet a goal of 30% better than ASHRAE 90.1-2010. The building ultimately surpassed the goal and hit 39% better than the 90.1 standard. The use of low-flow plumbing fixtures in the building reduced water consumption in the facility by 29% over the Energy Policy Act (EPAct) of 1992 baseline.

Occupant safety and equipment protection were important to the overall success of the project. Emergency fan and louver systems were designed to provide ventilation, stairwell pressurization, and exhaust harmful gasses in the event of an Oxygen Deficiency Hazard (ODH) event. An air sampling “Vesda” system was installed to detect traces of smoke before any damage is caused.

IMEG extended Fermilab’s 13.8 KV medium voltage power system to serve the building via new switchgear and two transformers. One transformer serves general power for the building and the other is a dedicated supply for the detector. A standby generator and UPS were installed to serve critical loads. Extensive grounding was provided for the building, including a completely isolated system for the detector and associated power connections. Custom built, double shielded transformers were provided for the detector branch with impedance monitors for the detector ground.

IMEG also provided engineering design for Fermilab’s Near Detector Building, which sits approximately 500 feet from the Far Detector Building.

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