Consulting & Advisory Services help clients achieve business and operational goals

IMEG is expanding its Consulting & Advisory Services into a new suite of specialties that leverage data and digital transformation to help clients solve problems that fall outside of traditional built environment services.  

“Consulting & Advisory Services goes beyond our design- and construction-focused services and adds a new level—helping clients solve operational problems unique to their business,” said Lincoln Pearce, IMEG Vice President of Emerging Services. “This will be a perfect complement for many of our clients.”  

Consulting & Advisory Services currently consist of four verticals:  

Buckley—a business and systems process expert who recently joined IMEG—will also coordinate the integration of various combinations of the four consulting and advisory services, based on client need.  

“Our Consulting & Advisory Services elevates our conversation with our customers to a business discussion—their business,” said Buckley. “By doing so, we expand our client contacts to include operations and IT executives to help them solve critical challenges facing their business.” 

Pearce added that the advisory services portfolio will grow over time. “Our energy modeling and decarbonization expertise, for example, is an established capability that will continue to be integrated with our advisory service offerings,” he said. “Our overall goal is to offer clients a dynamic and broad suite of advisory services that can support their unique business and operational needs and help them be successful.”