HIT strategy executive joins IMEG’s medical equipment and healthcare information technology advisory team

Karen Burns, MPH, has joined IMEG as a senior associate and HIT strategy executive for the medical equipment and healthcare information technology (HIT) advisory services team in the firm’s Pasadena, CA, office.  

Karen has over 22 years of experience in healthcare IT consulting for more than 30 hospital and healthcare systems nationwide. She is adept at guiding executive leadership on strategic and operational considerations and fostering a trusted partnership with clients. She also has in-depth experience in developing strategic information technology plans; conducting clinical, financial and ambulatory system assessments and selections; and leading new facility projects for the selection, acquisition, and implementation of new technology and the associated process redesign required to support the technology. As the director of a new facilities program, she worked closely with architects, engineers, and contractors to ensure process and technology considerations are integral parts of the design process.   

As an HIT strategy executive, Karen will provide guidance on strategic planning considerations for new facilities, leveraging her broad-based expertise in the HIT market – including healthcare (EMR) vendors – and her appreciation for clinical processes. She will also work with clinical and operational end users, IT, and the design and construction teams, challenging traditional methods to advance patient care while leveraging technology.  

Karen has a master’s degree in public health from the University of Illinois, Chicago, where she developed an understanding of the clinical perspective and a passion for healthcare IT. She is a member of the Southern California Chapter of HIMSS and the Los Angeles Chapter of Women in Health Administration.