IMEG submits structural action plan to reduce embodied carbon in projects

IMEG has submitted the firm’s Embodied Carbon Action Plan (ECAP) to the Structural Engineers 2050 Commitment Program. The ECAP is a critical part of the firm’s pledge to support the Commitment and establishes the initial strategies for reducing the embodied carbon of IMEG’s structural projects.

The SE 2050 Commitment was created in response to and support of the SE 2050 Challenge, which calls on all structural engineers to understand, reduce, and ultimately eliminate embodied carbon in their projects. IMEG joined the Commitment in April.

“We are excited to share our ECAP with SE 2050 and with IMEG’s structural engineers, who will begin to put these actions into play,” said Laura Hagan, chair of IMEG’s Structural Sustainability Task Force. “By educating our structural engineers in sustainable design and construction best practices, tracking and reporting embodied carbon data, and developing reduction targets, we will do our part to support the SE 2050 Challenge.”  

IMEG’s commitment to the program is the latest in the firm’s longstanding commitment to sustainability and the environment – both in terms of providing clients with energy-efficient, resource-saving design solutions and reducing the environmental impact of its own offices through a firmwide sustainability policy. 

The SE 2050 Challenge was developed by the Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) and the SE 2050 Commitment Program developed by the Sustainability Committee of the Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). 

Read more about the SE 2050 Challenge here and learn about IMEG’s additional sustainability commitments here.