IMEG honors 31 team members

IMEG believes in its people and their abilities, technical skills, resourcefulness, and teamwork – and we invest in them, providing opportunities for growth and reward. In return for their hard work and dedication, they earn the prospect of investing in the firm and becoming an integral part of the ownership.

Please join us in congratulating our new ownership promotions at the senior principal, principal, and associate principal levels. Recipients are:

SENIOR PRINCIPAL: Patrice Accola, Eric Moe, Edwin Najarian, Thoai Nguyen, Kevin Pope, Craig Watts

PRINCIPAL: Molly Foley, Heather Heidenreich, Charles LeBlanc, Ron Lyon, Peter Monroe, William Newell, Phillip Parra, Brandon Pierson, Roland Pulley, David Waldron, Scott Wiercinski, Bradick Young

ASSOCIATE PRINCIPAL: Dave Bodenschatz, Eric DeSplinter, Mary Essman, Corey Gaarde, Jeffrey Jameson, John Johnson, Wade Johnson, Clinton Laferriere, Donna Lough, Peter Papanikolaou, Eric Reinsch, Kelly Swick, Allen Thompson