IMEG Corp. honors 39 owner-employees

We are IMEG. We believe in a future built smarter, safer, and more sustainable. We are a culture of ownership and people-centered engineering. We empower team members to think beyond what’s possible — transforming environments and communities through high-performance design and infrastructure.

Please join us in congratulating our recent owner promotions at the senior principal, principal, and associate principal levels.

Corey Casperson, John Fellman, Balram Gupta, Bruce Hart, Shirley Howe, Tim Labissoniere, Dale Niethammer

Craig Carroll, John Encio, Brandon Fortier, Karen Guest, Markus Henneke, Matthew Jacobson, Tiffiny Mansouri, Matthew Mears, Kirk Nelson, Eric Reinsch, Hannes Spaeh, Seth Spychala

Jeffrey Burton, Ashlee Downham, Christopher Edward, Alyssa Fee, Katherine Goldberg, Blair Hawn, Eric Henderson, Mike Iezza, Spencer Jacobs, Ryan Jester, David Kast, Kolten Knatterud, John Kusek, Rick Leverenz, Daniel Maloney, Joshua Massey, Anchila Monks, James Ness, Loren Rains, Jason Sneed