IMEG joins AEC group’s push for Biden Administration to ‘build back greener’

IMEG has joined more than 130 leading AEC companies in recommending immediate actions the Biden Administration can take to combat climate change in its first 100 days in office.

Building off President Biden’s commitment to “Build Back Better” in the wake of COVID-19, the economic crisis, social upheaval, and regulatory rollbacks by the former administration, the group of Sustainable AEC Leaders has signed a letter calling on Biden to also build back greener by adding sustainable building strategies to his climate agenda and environmental justice plans.

“The president has issued orders relating to climate and the environment, but only a few directly address the building sector,” said IMEG Director of Sustainability Adam McMillen. “Our AEC group is recommending actions in six key categories that relate to the building sector’s extensive impacts on greenhouse gas emissions and social equity.”

The letter recommends: enhancing federal building standards to include high performance and decarbonization requirements; stimulation of building reuse and upgrades; national guidelines for healthy housing and resilient communities; electrification initiatives to achieve a carbon-free grid; addressing toxic cleaning products and building materials, along with embodied carbon, to promote material health and product transparency; and promoting healthy, high-performance and resilient school facilities.

Companies can review the Sustainable AEC Leaders’ letter here and sign on to be included in that campaign by filling out this Google form by March 10.