IMEG provides acoustic and technology design for 107-year-old cathedral

IMEG provided an acoustic and technology solution for long-standing issues at the Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral in Indianapolis, IN. The original 1912 design of the cathedral included a shallow transcept, deep dais with altar, a three-story-high ceiling, and Italian marble, which presented a variety of acoustic challenges. 

IMEG acoustic and technology designers worked within the space’s constraints (echoes, wide side dispersion, and the cantor’s location directly in front of the loudspeaker) to provide predictive acoustic modeling. Using high performance tall and thin linear loudspeakers; a four-inch-thick, stretched-fabric acoustical panel; and a localized main speaker, IMEG provided a final design that gives all listeners an equal experience, no matter which of the 1,500 seats they choose. 

Learn more about IMEG’s acoustic solution here.