Luke Streit contributes to best-practice guides for controlled environment agriculture

IMEG Project Executive Luke Streit has helped develop two best-practice guides for controlled environment agriculture (CEA) facilities.  

Streit contributed to the Resource Innovation Institute (RII) publications, Best Practices Guide: Facility Design & Construction for Controlled Environment Agriculture Facilities, and Best Practices Guide: HVAC for Controlled Environment Agriculture Facilities.  

The guides offer producers advice on the best ways to build sustainable indoor agriculture and vertical farming businesses in the cannabis and produce industries.  

RII is a nonprofit organization focused on sustainability and resource efficiency practices in the cannabis industry and controlled environment agriculture industry.  

Streit is a licensed professional engineer and nationally known expert on mechanical and process engineering for controlled environment agriculture facilities.  

Download the guides from the RII website. 

Watch an on-demand webinar or listen to a podcast with Luke Streit on “Keeping the Plants Happy: Cultivation Space Design for Cannabis and other CEA Facilities.”