New guide examines acoustics solutions for hotel noise

IMEG’s latest executive guide provides a high-level examination of the acoustic challenges faced by the hospitality industry and offers a brief look at design solutions that can be considered. 

 “Acoustics for Hospitality 101: Common Causes of Hotel Noise and Their Proven Solutions,” is now available for free download from the IMEG website. Written by IMEG Director of Hospitality Bob Winter and acoustics specialist David Wright, the guide identifies common noise issues that occur in lobbies, conference rooms, guest rooms, and dining areas, and explains proven design solutions such as interior sound isolation, room acoustic balance, sound scaping, and mechanical noise control.  

By better understanding the causes of poor acoustics and the strategies and treatments that can resolve noise problems, owners and architects can begin to gauge if and how their existing building or new construction project might be at risk, and what can be done about it. 

Download the guide.