New guide outlines key actions for a safer workplace 

IMEG’s latest executive guide examines the important actions business owners can take to improve the safety of their offices as the workplace evolves and reacts to current and future security and health risks.   

 “Back to the Office: Key Steps for Safeguarding Health, Well-being, and Continuity in the Workplace,” is now available for free download from the IMEG website. In addition to providing guidance for mitigating risks related to COVID-19 and future public health threats, the guide offers a broader collection of security measures that address other potential risks to facilities and occupants, such as active assailant events, environmental emergencies, and civil demonstrations that turn violent. 

Key strategies reviewed in the guide include vulnerability assessments, building and lobby security measures, health screening processes and technology, indoor air quality, and staff training. “By being aware of these and other measures and choosing which actions are applicable, feasible, and adaptable to their unique needs, each business owner can begin the process of preparing their facility for the future,” says IMEG security expert and guide co-author Charles LeBlanc. 

Download the guide.