Q&A with Davin Huston, IMEG Technology Designer of Distinction

Davin Huston is a Technology Designer of Distinction at IMEG. Davin talks about his journey to IMEG, his goals, and his bucket list in the following Q&A. 

Q: Describe your role as a Technology Designer of Distinction. 

A: This is a new role within IMEG, so primarily I’m doing a lot of learning. But I’m working on a strategy for expanding IMEG’s acoustics ventures, using the skills our staff already have, to grow into new markets. We have great talent within the team, and I’m coming alongside them to think of new or out-of-the-box pathways to connect with clients and expand our service capabilities. 

Q: What inspired you to pursue a career in technology design? 

A: When I was in college, a professor introduced me to audio electronics, something I’d never considered studying, even though I grew up around music, was in a few bands, and always had the best sound system in my apartment. This led me to grad school, where I found the Purdue theater department and got to see behind the scenes of the construction of their new performance building. There I fell in love with commissioning the systems in those spaces. So many people have had bad experiences with technology in their buildings, and it shouldn’t be that way. With my skills and interests, my career is all about helping people have a better life and a better experience with technology. 

Q: How will your career to date, and your experiences, serve you in your role with IMEG and its clients? 

A: I taught for 12 years at Purdue, and that gave me the ability to explain complex systems in a way that’s easy to comprehend. I wasn’t a “sage on the stage” kind of professor; I wanted to connect with my students and help solve their problems by working together. It’s the same when I’m working with clients who may have a complicated issue. I’m going to treat them with respect, as I would my students, and we’ll figure out a solution together. 

Q: How is IMEG uniquely positioned to help clients with acoustics and technology challenges? 

A: Since joining IMEG, I’ve noticed how much the teams support each other. Our acoustics experts work with the other teams and disciplines, sharing knowledge and expertise to ultimately make our output better and our clients happier.  

Q: You interned at Walt Disney Imagineering. What was that experience like? 

A: My internship at Disney Imagineering completely changed how I thought about engineering processes. I got to see all of these creative ideas come in from the architect, then watch the engineers figure out how to make these fantastical worlds reality—all within the constraints of a (Disney-sized) budget. The best part was attending the opening of the ride I had worked on. I got to stand on a cross bridge in the queue with the rest of the team, who’d worked on the project for years, and we all cried because the people getting off the ride were the happiest people ever. 

Q: How do you relax and unwind? What are your hobbies? 

I like to build LEGO sets, and sometimes create my own builds. I also enjoy drawing, listening to music, and playing video games with my family or going to the lake for a getaway. I’ve always loved traveling and photographing landscapes. 

Q: Do you have anything on a “bucket list” that you wish to do or achieve in the future, either personally or professionally? 

A: I would love to be involved in the design of a museum or themed entertainment—something that I could experience with my kids and show them what I get to be a part of. I also want to travel more, especially to Australia or Japan, and be near the mountains, where I can do more photography. I’ve been all over the world, but I just haven’t had enough yet.