Webinar on cannabis indoor growth facility design now available on demand

Critical design considerations for indoor growth facilities for marijuana and other plants are examined in “Keeping the Plants Happy: Cultivation Space Design in Controlled Environment Agriculture,” a free IMEG webinar now available on demand. 

The 35-minute presentation by IMEG Project Executive Luke Streit and IMEG Director of Innovation Mike Lawless focuses on cannabis, but most of the information is also applicable to other plants and crops grown in CEA facilities. Topics include grow cycle design strategies to support a quality crop, water and energy usage, HVAC systems and air distribution, power requirements, and other unique challenges CEA owners encounter. 

“With legalized medical and recreational marijuana continuing to expand across the country, many new grow facilities will be licensed and constructed,” said Streit. “Our experience designing these facilities allows us to provide valuable information and lessons learned for owners who will be venturing into this market for the first time.” 

Watch the webinar.