Ambulatory Care Center

IMEG provided mechanical, plumbing, and electrical engineering services for the VA campus in Columbus in order to design and construct a new 5,200-sf chiller plant addition to a recently completed Energy Center (boiler plant). The new chiller plant will replace the existing chiller plant (located within the existing facility) and be sized to accommodate the current building cooling demand as well as future anticipated demand as the facility grows from 330,000-sf to 560,000-sf.

The new chiller plant will utilize high efficiency centrifugal electric chillers with roof-mounted, open-cell cooling towers. The new plant will include (4) 800-ton chillers with matching cooling towers and provide N+1 redundancy for up to the future footprint (560,000-sf). The chilled water will be delivered via (4) 1600 GPM variable-flow pumps configured in a variable-primary configuration. The cooling towers will be provided with (4) 2400 GPM pumps. This equipment will be placed on emergency power so as to ensure chilled water service during power outage.

The chiller plant addition will be provided with a dedicated, packaged rooftop HVAC system for cooling and makeup air. A refrigerant monitoring system will generate the operation of a new dedicated exhaust fan.

Included in the project is the routing of the new chilled water mains to back-feed the old system. It has been determined that routing the chilled water mains across the ambulatory care center’s roof in order to get to the existing plant is the best option. This will allow for better distribution of chilled water flow as well as provide sizable mains for future vertical expansion of the facility.

A second 2,000 KW emergency generator will also be provided as part of this project. New fuel oil pumping systems will be provided that will transfer fuel oil from the existing underground storage tanks (adjacent to the boiler plant) to the two on-site generator belly tanks.

Other noteworthy aspects of the project included: new water treatment equipment, controls workstation, phasing out plan for existing chiller equipment, and re-balancing of existing chilled water coils throughout the facility.

Department of Veterans Affairs
Columbus, OH
Services Provided

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing