Architectural Lighting

IMEG provided architectural lighting design for the $6.5 million Living Room Theaters, part of the historic Bottleworks District of Indianapolis, a $300 million, 1,500,000-sf complex that has reimagined the former location of the largest Coca-Cola bottling plant in the world.

IMEG worked with the owner and architect to create innovative lighting concepts that are functional, flexible, and support the space’s aesthetics. The design also supports the overall vision and status of the Bottleworks District, cited by Time magazine in naming Indianapolis one of “The World’s Greatest Places of 2021.”

Combining the established architectural theme of the district with innovative and effective lighting technologies was the primary objective throughout the project. Bold architectural and decorative luminaires serve as strong visual aspects that create focal points throughout the public space. A cluster of cascading cable pendants with illuminated artisanal glass discs gather to craft a modern waterfall effect through the central staircase. Subtle, concealed luminaires integrated into architectural elements create soft washes of light adding definition, pop, and an unexpected layer of visual interest.

The fashion-forward seating area on the second level greets patrons with a metropolitan twist of elevated industrialism and art deco. Decorative pendants paired with integrated luminaires highlight the architectural elements and illuminate barware, culminating in a welcoming environment suitable for a social snack or cocktail. Engaging murals create a dynamic backdrop to the open weave of the metal-encased alcoves; layers of soft lighting are intertwined within the structural elements, creating unexpectedly intimate yet sophisticated vignettes.

When ready for their movie, patrons move though a corridor complete with color-changing linear wall-to-ceiling recessed slots. These luminaires change color with the movie schedule to indicate if it is in session, creating an engaging experience as well as supporting wayfinding. The design of the individual theaters establishes a signature visual concept that supports the branding of Living Room Theaters. Continuous floor-to-ceiling-to-floor color-changing linear concealed cove luminaires integrate with acoustic paneling to create a rich visual and audio experience. The lighting is directly controlled and in tune with each movie, changing colors and intensity accordingly.

The lighting controls are paired between a central server and the theater’s proprietary system.

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Architectural Lighting