As-Needed GIS Support Services

IMEG, contracted by the City of Sheridan, CO, has provided GIS support services on an as-needed basis since 2021.

ArcGIS Online is the primary repository for the GIS and has a number of applications and data layers. IMEG performed an assessment of the platform, reviewing all the layers and applications. Then the ArcGIS Online account was cleaned up to remove unused or out-of-date components.

IMEG developed components of the sewer system based on as-built plans for the City’s assessment of the system. New layers were developed to track the overall development and creation of the City from the original homesteads. An application was configured to track the development status of cases in the City along with reservations and cessions. A future land use layer was developed for planning purposes as new cases are submitted. Layers for impermeable surfaces, road edge, and buildings were developed to aid in planning cases and stormwater management. Associated web-based applications were configured to access the information.

IMEG also provides training to the staff on the use of the applications and management of the new datasets.

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