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The Interior Building Stabilization Project began with a detailed condition assessment that included the visual inspection of all walls, columns, beams, slabs and connections. Structural components that were suspected of deteriorations were tagged for further testing or selective demolition for further review. Concrete core test and rebound hammer tests were used to determine the condition of the concrete floor slabs. Test specimens taken from steel beams and columns were analyzed to determine the weldability and the yield stress of the steel.

Floor framing plans, based of the original structural drawing were used to detail building stabilization work required on each floor. Various details and techniques were developed and used to reinforce/repair or replace existing elements that had deteriorated, fill in existing openings, or reinforce existing framing for new loading conditions.

The Exterior Façade Restoration Project was lead by Sandvick Architects with IMEG providing structural engineering services. A detailed visual review of the exterior façade was carried out from the contractors swing stages. Areas of concern or showing signs of deterioration were identified and investigated. Inspection pockets in the brick veneer were used to assess the condition of the steel spandrel beams, columns and connections buried in the exterior façade. Sandstone and terra-cotta element were removed to review the condition of the existing connections.

Vast lengths of existing terra-cotta water tables and back-up steel support beams were removed and replaced with new galvanized steel members and molded glass fiber panels to maintain the historic appearance of the façade. Over 1000 lintels were removed and replaced with new galvanized steel lintels with proper flashing and weeps. Large areas of brick were removed and replaced with new brick.

Every window in the building was replaced with new aluminum framed windows. Special details were developed to support the new window sub-bucks back to the existing masonry walls. New steel or cold formed metal stud post and header framing was introduced at the large window openings to provide lateral to resist wind loads as required by today’s building codes.

The New Addition Project included a three story addition to the north side of the existing building. Constructed over the site of various previously demolished building with existing basements and foundations, the new addition is supported by deep drilled piers supporting the steel framed building and reinforced concrete grade beams and structural concrete ground floor slab. The structural ground floor slab supports the new swimming pool, loading dock, restaurants and other back of house facilities for the new Westin Hotel. The upper levels of the new addition house part of the hotels main kitchen and a new banquet areas located above the new swimming pool.

Book Cadillac Hotel
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