Capital Asset Improvement Plan (CAIMP)

IMEG worked with the Town of Bennett and a team of consultants developing the Capital Asset Improvement Plan (CAIMP) to address all aspects of the Town’s assets, as well as plan for future needs where GIS was used as the central repository and hub of all the data.

The CAIMP plan involved automating the data gathering from two different counties through a scripted process. Data was gathered from a number of additional outside agencies to aid in the planning process and mobile applications were developed for the assessment of the Town assets. Multiple applications were developed in ArcGIS Online for the utilities, roads, facilities, parks, and land developments, and were used to model the growth of the community and help determine future needs.

The final product was a series of dashboards which presented
all the information in a single location. This included a Capital Improvement Plan dashboard which showed all the planned projects and costs along with any specific documents related to the project. The dashboard provides a tool where the Town can filter on project type, year, criticality and more.

Town of Bennett
Bennett, CO
14 ArcGIS Online Applications
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