College Prep School Renovation

IMEG provided planning and landscape architecture services for the redesign of the National Cathedral School courtyard and new centralized, secure entry portal. IMEG developed a design for the 1.8-acre site that reflected the historic architecture of the campus, incorporated learning opportunities into the landscape and redesigned and replaced a 100-seat amphitheater.

The design concept focused on creating “living classroom” spaces that incorporate learning opportunities into the landscape. Working with staff and students, educational priorities were identified such as the provision of multiple outdoor classroom spaces, physical representation of graphing and measurement, green technology demonstration areas and several expanses of landscaped or open garden plots for science activities.

One of IMEG’s priorities was full accessibility of the entire project site, including the amphitheater and the inner courtyard lawn. IMEG also provided designs to make the pedestrian connection across Woodley Road, which bisects the campus, directly accessible for the first time.

National Cathedral School | Woodley North Courtyard
Washington, DC
Services Provided

Planning and Landscape Architecture