Data Center Addition and Renovation

IMEG provided structural, technology, fire protection, and MEP engineering design and services for a data center renovation and addition study for a confidential client in the Midwest.

IMEG was contracted for the study and bridging documents phases for this project and held weekly touch-point meetings during these two phases. During the study, IMEG explored whether it was beneficial to renovate the existing data center or build an addition. IMEG then designed bridging documents showing a new addition with a future phase to renovate the existing data center.

In order to provide Phase 1 capacity and flexibility for Phase 2, the team went through several iterations of generator, switchgear, and UPS sizing. Additionally, based on the desired mechanical system, a duct chase down to the raised floor needed to be included. The original configuration created architectural and site challenges, so the chase was reoriented, and the addition was slightly expanded to make for a much cleaner install. The key systems of the project included new RTUs and diesel generators (two 1000 kW generators with infrastructure for a third 1000 kW generator).

Overall, the Phase 1 addition provides more capacity than owner originally needed, and the infrastructure provided will give flexibility to expand into the Phase 2 space when necessary.

Confidential Mobile Telecom Company - Data Center
Midwest, U.S.
3,500-sf Renovation | 3,500-sf Addition
Services Provided

Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Technology