Data Center Renovation

This client needed to upgrade their existing data center chiller plant and chilled water distribution system in order to meet the planned growth of their data center while reducing energy and water usage. IMEG was challenged to provide environmentally “friendly” design for the data center as well as keep it operational. Upgrades included replacing the chiller plant with new equipment – two 400-ton water cooled centrifugal chillers, one 300-ton air cooled chiller, three cooling tower cells, three chilled water pumps, three condenser water pumps, three plate and frame heat exchangers, and ancillary water treatment equipment.

In the data center, 32 computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units were replaced with units that included both chilled water and refrigerant cooling coils and compressors with rooftop condensers. The entire control system for the data center was replaced and optimizes the chiller plant operations.

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