Dealership Site Plan

Bretz RV & Marine was developing a 40-acre property in Lockwood, MT to expand their existing business in southeastern Montana and beyond. IMEG met with the client to discuss their immediate and long-term needs for the development of the property and came up with a plan that included a site plan, preliminary mapping, sewer main design, water main design, and construction survey staking. During construction, IMEG provided inspection services for water, sewer, and all grading infrastructure, including the stormwater ponds.

The existing water extension was serviced from a considerable distance from the property, so IMEG worked with the Lockwood Sewer & Water District to extend it as a main with the client’s long-term goals in mind. The nearly 30-acre parking lot required stormwater drainage to ensure the water would move away from the building. Additionally, a drive-through RV waste and fill-up station were designed to allow Bretz RV’s customers easy access to the functionality necessary for expedited service.

In the future, Bretz RV & Marine plans to utilize nearly 8.2 acres of the property for residential development. By understanding the client’s long-term vision for the property, IMEG implemented design features and laid the preliminary groundwork during phase I to maximize efficiency for the future phase II of the project. These preliminary elements included addressing an abandoned right of way running through the property with the County and completing a boundary line relocation.

The collaboration between the architect, contractor, Yellowstone County, Lockwood Sewer & Water, and IMEG positioned Bretz RV for long-term success.

Bretz RV & Marine Dealership
Lockwood, MT
Services Provided

Civil, Structural