Facility Condition Assessment

IMEG was selected to provide the facility condition assessment services for the new VA hospital in Denver, Colorado. IMEG’s scope was to provide a condition assessment of the mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and structural components of the building.

The VA is required to provide facility assessments every 4 years per the federal guidelines. This hospital was completed in 2017 and was eligible  for it’s first assessment. These walk throughs took place over a period of 8 working days utilizing 2 of each active discipline to walk the various building. 28 building’s and over 2.5 million square feet of hospital, parking garage, and energy plant spaced were evaluated during the time spent on site.

This facility was unique since the old campus and the new campus both needed to be assessed. The team walked the existing campus that is scheduled to have some portions demolished or refurbished and part of the assessment included identifying key components of the existing buildings that may be reused or renovated to include some hospital functions in the future.

The new facility had no previous record of any of the systems. As part of the walk throughs the team took down model/serial numbers of all major pieces of equipment and logged them into a spreadsheet along with categorizations of their condition and locations. Creating this spreadsheet gives the VA  an active log of their major building components as well as a real time assessment of major issues that the maintenance staff is having to address. The team included a cost estimator that then placed real time cost to any issues that were identified during the site visits.

This assessment was completed as part of a series of FCA’s IMEG performed in conjunction with Anderson Engineering under their VA Central Region VISN 19 contract. FCA’s were completed on nine campuses across OK, CO, WY, MT, and UT, including 288 buildings and 6,352,600-sf.

Denver VA Hospital
Denver, CO
Services Provided

Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Master Planning