GIS Support

Little Thompson Water District serves a 250-square-mile area in the Front Range of Colorado. The District has a robust GIS where all the departments, along with field crews, are interacting with the GIS on a daily basis.

IMEG has worked with the District since they began using GIS and has provided numerous updates to the ArcGIS Enterprise most recent in the summer of 2022.

In the past, an insitu update of the platform had taken place. This time a whole new server environment was architected with the contracted IT and GIS staff. The update was performed in parallel so the down time to the system would be minimal. A full deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise was performed along with the associations of third party systems.

Given the timing of the update, minimal services were migrated initially in order to ensure field crews had access during the summer construction season. IMEG is currently working with the District to migrate the remaining services to the new environment. Because GIS staff left the District, IMEG took over a greater role in the project.

Little Thompson Water District
Berthoud, CO
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