Golf Community Subdivision & Planning

Canyon River is an 11-phase, 270 lot residential subdivision featuring an 18-hole championship golf course nestled on the Clark Fork River just outside of Missoula. IMEG has been working with Canyon River Properties, LLC since Phase 2 was completed in 2007 and is responsible for the management of their land-use decisions and entitlements as well as designing the infrastructure in an efficient, and cost-effective manner.

IMEG has completed a wide scope of services on the project including designing over $2 million of infrastructure, boundary line relocations, rezoning, gaining planning and engineering approvals, phasing amendments, contract administration, sewer/water systems along with final plat phase 6-7 packets. IMEG was brought in after Phase 2 of the project was completed, and by understanding this client’s vision, IMEG was able to add value to the project and ensure the proper steps were taken in phases 3-5 to lay the proper groundwork for phases 6-7.

The property had been annexed and zoned resulting in 7 lost lots. IMEG spent the time to do the correct background work to recoup all of the lots and handled rezoning and boundary line relocations. IMEG is responsible for helping Canyon River manage their overall land use by making sure approvals are intact, handling all phasing amendments and extensions.

Canyon River Golf Community
Missoula, MT
11-phase, 270-lot Subdivision
Services Provided

Civil, Survey