Headquarters Expansion

The project: The team designed the 14,800-sf truck bay expansion and 4,500-sf renovation of the existing headquarters for the expansion of the chassis sub-assembly area and relocation of the rinsing and graphic areas for the racing vehicles.

The goal: Chip Ganassi Racing needed more storage space for vehicles and new work areas for the racing teams.

Design approach: Working with the CGR stakeholders, the design team met extensively to identify key project needs and specific operational parameters. This included identifying infrastructure needs for new and relocated equipment, phasing of system implementations to accommodate project schedule and CGR operation needs, and maintaining consistency between new and existing facility components.

Challenge: Keeping the facility in full operation during the entire renovation/expansion scope was critical to the day-to-day operation of CGR and their various racing team schedules. Areas such as the chassis assembly and parts washing were used continuously while construction activities were conducted. Solution: IMEG worked with both CGR stake holders and project architectural team to develop phasing and system selections that would enable effective sequenced implementation to meeting project needs while accommodating the various ongoing operations of the CGR teams.

Outcome: Increasing the space allows the team to improve efficiency, have more people working at the same time, and speed up processes. The expanded rinsing area allows more parts to be washed simultaneously so they can quickly be put back on the assembly line for reuse, and the renovated storage room into workable space for the graphics department provides significantly more space than they previously had.

Chip Ganassi Racing
Indianapolis, IN
14,800-sf New, 4,500-sf Renovation
Services Provided

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing