High School Addition and Renovation

A new addition and renovation at East Peoria High school includes a new two-story wing housing 17 classrooms; a new fine arts/chorus/computer lab area replacing the former cafeteria; new commons, cafeteria, serving, kitchen space; a new secure main entrance on the school’s east side, and a new physical education center.

A dedicated outdoor air unit with energy recovery was utilized for ventilation for the entire addition. A new displacement system air handling unit was utilized for kitchen make-up air and cooling of the space. A roof mounted packaged air handling unit was installed to serve the Commons space. Custom fan coil units were used for heating and cooling of all classroom and faculty spaces of the addition. A new 350-ton air cooled chiller was installed in the existing Boiler House for cooling. New redundant chilled water pump(s) and associated piping were installed so 90% of the school can be air conditioned in the future. A new steam to hot water heat exchanger was installed in the existing Boiler House. New redundant system pump(s) were also provided. This system was also sized so the entire hot water needs can be served from one central location. The new wet sprinkler system was included in both the addition and the renovation. The distribution was system was sized so the entire facility could be sprinkled in the future.

A new electrical service and secondary feeders were installed outside the school. New panels were installed in the boiler house to feed the new mechanical equipment and were sized for all future building electrical needs in this area. All mechanical equipment motors utilize a variable frequency drive to maximize energy savings. All new lighting systems were installed throughout the addition with some unique fixtures to serve the Commons space.

Technology designs included a new clock system for the entire facility. A complete audio-video system including: projector, screen, DVD, paging system, speakers, and technology outlets for each classroom and the Commons space. New access control system and security surveillance systems were also included.

East Peoria CHSD 309
East Peoria, IL
38,500-sf Addition | 50,772-sf Renovation
Services Provided

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Technology