Hospital Structural Services

IMEG provided structural engineering services for majority of the Deaconess Hospital in Newburgh, Indiana over the past fifteen years.

For the main hospital project, IMEG used a new integrated steel delivery method to save the project nearly eight weeks of construction time. IMEG’s 3D steel frame model was electronically transferred to the steel fabricator. The structural system featured steel wide flange framing with composite metal and concrete floor systems. IMEG designed creatively eccentric braced frames to fit around exterior fenestrations. Poor soil conditions required auger cast concrete pile foundations with concrete grade beams. Evansville’s proximity to the New Madrid Fault and the poor soil condition forced the structural design to follow Category D seismic design requirements.

For the bed tower addition, the project included design for a future vertical expansion of the 7th floor, build-out over an existing one-story building, and horizontal expansion for a future elevator and existing patient tower.

The existing utilities created a major challenge for IMEG and the construction team during the foundation installation. During design, the utility placements were roughly surveyed, but the exact diameter and elevations were unknown.

The utilities weaved throughout the building footprint creating numerous conflicts with pile caps, auger cast piles and grade beams. IMEG provided same day redesign solutions to resolve the unforseen conditions, saving the project valuable time and cost.

In 2015, IMEG was selected to design the schedule intensive Orthopedic Tower and Medical Office Building. At Owner’s request, IMEG shaved approximately 6 weeks from the design schedule with only 12 weeks remaining in design in order to give the hospital a first mover advantage over the competing orthopedic hospital proposed across the highway.

For the latest two additions the owner desired more flexibility and openness in the floorplate and exterior, respectively. To help accomplish this desire, IMEG designed the high seismic lateral system using a series of special reinforced concrete shear walls placed around the stair and elevator cores. This system along with the high seismic loads lead to large loads at the base. IMEG reviewed several foundation solutions to find the best solution balancing strength, cost, and schedule. Large mat foundations (over 50’x50’) at the base of the concrete shear walls with drilled piers down to bedrock were ultimately selected.

To help with wellness and provide outdoor space for visitors a large roof top garden/patio was placed at the roof of the main entry lobby. IMEG reviewed several roof framing options in an effort to find suitable framing depths for the long span members over the large open main entry lobby below.

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