Industrial Pre-Treatment of Bearing Manufacturer Wastewater

IMEG provided design and construction inspection services for NTN Bower Corporation in Macomb, Illinois to facilitate installation of a pre-manufactured pretreatment system for their process wastewater.

The facility manufactures precision roller and ball bearings and truck engine parts for various automotive, construction/heavy equipment and industrial applications. Processes include shearing, pressing, sawing, grinding, honing, washing, heat treating, quenching, blasting, coating with rust preventative and removing rust.

Treatment equipment and processes include batch treatment tanks, mixers, floating type oil skimmers, air-operated pumps, polymer feed system, activated carbon filters, filter presses, sludge tanks, and PLC controls.

IMEG’s involvement included site visits, equipment layout, hydraulic profile, piping plans, structural design, electrical design for the service and distribution in the building, HVAC design for new heat distribution and ventilation to the building, hydraulic calculations for all pumps, design of a new lab room, preparation of plans and specifications, all Illinois EPA permit applications, and construction inspection and administration services.

NTN Bower
Macomb, IL
16,000 GPD
Services Provided

Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing