New LEED Platinum Office Building

Wellmark consolidated operations into its first corporate-owned headquarters and has been awarded LEED Platinum for its design. It is the largest commercial office building in the world to receive this rating for new construction. The five-story office building includes a full-service kitchen with servery and dining room, a 16,000-sf conference center, several training rooms, a 6,500-sf data center, fitness center, two levels of underground parking and a sky bridge connecting the office building to a fitness center, parking ramp and central plant on an adjacent block. The fitness center includes a gymnasium, elevated walking track, large group fitness rooms, cardio and strength training equipment, and locker and shower facilities. 

Energy efficient designs are expected to save an estimated 20% per year in energy costs. Four and a half floors of the office building have an 18” raised access floor used for underfloor air, power, and telecom distribution. Five air handling units are distributed across each floor to pressurize the underfloor system, and three energy recovery units are located on the roof. Rainwater is collected from the roof using syphonic roof drains and distributed to two underground cisterns located in the park area in the center of the u-shaped building. The collected rainwater is used for irrigation and flushing purposes to decrease the use of potable water at this facility, providing a 55% reduction in water usage. 

Design of the video surveillance and access control systems focused on the main level of the building, allowing for staff to freely circulate around the building after they pass the main line of security. 

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Des Moines, IA
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