Lincoln County Roundabout

An intersection in Lincoln County was experiencing major delays due to the four-way stop. During the peak hours of the morning and the evening, there were approximately 1,300 cars moving through the intersection. The four-way stop was known for being backed up for a half mile during the busy times.

Lincoln County hired IMEG to provide a solution to the convoluted intersection. Rural intersection stoplights and roundabout alternatives were evaluated, and a roundabout was chosen as the county has had problems with stoplights in the past. IMEG was responsible for managing the project from start to finish. IMEG completed a topographic survey, created the intersection design, and oversaw the construction observation and administration process. IMEG also performed ROW negotiations, prepared easements, obtained signatures, held meetings with the adjacent landowners, and coordinated alternative intersection control options along with their partners at Wenck.

The roundabout is the first one in the Lincoln County district. The roundabout will move traffic through the intersection faster, will be safer for those moving through it, and will be cost beneficial to the county. Mike Poppens, Lincoln County Commissioner states, “This is the way of the future. I do believe in traffic flow, and if this is successful you could see more of these in and out of the metro area.”

Lincoln County
Lincoln County, SD
Services Provided

Landscape Architecture, Civil, Construction Support, Land Survey