Modernization Project

IMEG provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering design services for a complex renovation of multiple departments within the David Grant Medical Center on Travis Air Force Base. This work was awarded to IMEG as a design/build/initial outfitting (DBIO) task order under an ongoing USACE Little Rock Design-Build MATOC.

A Joint Commission-accredited teaching hospital, David Grant Medical Center (DGMC) is the Air Force Medical Service’s flagship medical treatment facility in the United States. DGMC provides post-graduate training programs in family medicine, radiology, surgery, transitional year, dentistry, oral surgery, nurse anesthesia, pharmacy, clinical social workers, technicians and clinical nurses. The medical campus has seen multiple major improvement projects to its campus over the years, with this project seeking to continue renovating those areas that require improved functionality, department realignment, facility growth, and overall modernization. Eight departments within the DGMC will be renovated per the scope of work, including:

  • Joint Radiation Oncology Center
  • Joint Hematology/Oncology Clinic & Infusion Center
  • Pain Management Clinic
  • Pediatric Clinic
  • Brace Shop
  • Medical Evaluation Board
  • Exceptional Family Member Program
  • Common Areas

The mechanical design included replacement of two of the existing roof mounted VAV air handling units that serve the remodeled areas. These units were custom designed to match up with the existing concrete curbs, and include fan arrays for more efficient operation with redundancy, UV lighting, humidification and final filters. The roof mounted units also served areas that are still occupied during the construction, so a coordinated temporary supply system was designed to allow these areas to continue to function while the new units were installed. The existing exhaust systems were also upgraded as a part of the renovation work. The renovation included replacement of a Linear Accelerator and the associated mechanical and electrical services and relocation of an existing CT. All renovated areas were provided with new plumbing fixtures and associated piping, new medical gas services, and associated zone valves. The renovation included an isolation exam room requiring a dedicated isolation control system. The existing temperature controls were replaced with new and updated graphics.

All renovated areas were provided with new LED lighting and occupancy controls, new power distribution, fire alarm, data distribution, and security systems to meet Government standards, complying with UFC 4-510-01 Design Standards for Military Medical Facilities.

USACE Little Rock District | David Grant Medical Center
Travis AFB, CA
27,000-sf Renovation
Services Provided

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing