Multi-phased vaulted sidewalk reconstruction

The Butte vaulted sidewalk reconstruction is a multi-phase project that consists of 20 locations in Uptown Butte, where old and deteriorated city sidewalks and vaults were either in-filled or reconstructed. 

IMEG (formerly Territorial-Landworks, Inc.) conducted inspections at all site locations and developed a master plan and project priority list based on public health and safety concerns. IMEG prepared project estimates and developed a construction phasing plan based on the priority list, the project budgets, and available annual funds.  This project spanned three construction seasons with four phases. All phases were completed within project budgets and on schedule. 

IMEG’s responsibilities for this project included project master plan, budgeting and cost control, project programming, design, contract administration, construction staking, and inspection.  IMEG is currently contracted by Butte to provide services for Phase 5 of this project. 

Butte Urban Revitalization Agency (URA)
Butte, MT
Services Provided