New Building and Campus Modernizations

Structural engineering services are being provided for the modernization of the Scripps Encinitas campus. The existing hospital consists of eleven structures with several of the original single-story structures built in the 60’s and 70’s. These buildings require replacement due to SB1953 and Scripps determined additional capacity was needed for the campus.

The proposed plan to update the campus required a multi-phased demolition and construction sequence that surgically removes outdated structures ahead of a new three-story above grade, one basement level, 121-bed, acute care building.

Due to the complex nature of the programming shifts, some of the existing structures required partial demolition and modifications to maintain occupancy. Additionally, only one-half of the new acute care building could be built prior to demolishing the existing structures. The existing structures were located in the footprint of the second half allowing for critical programming transfers between existing and new spaces.

In order to eliminate a problematic seismic joint between these two halves, a ConXtech-bolted moment frame was used, allowing the second half of the acute care building to be structurally connected to the first.

The project also included structural engineering services for shoring design, new loading dock, and modifications of the existing central energy plant.

Medical equipment planning services are also being provided by IMEG to the project.

Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas
Encinitas, CA
Services Provided

Structural, Medical Equipment Planning