New Bus Operations Building

IMEG is providing commissioning services for Golden Empire Transit’s modern facility that accommodates a fleet of 130 transit buses, increasing operational efficiencies for 130 employees and 300 bus operators. The building is seeking LEED Platinum certification. 

Various sustainable strategies were used to create a holistic and efficient system. Multi-tiered approaches to significant environmental demands allow systems to help distribute the loads that would normally be placed upon any one system. Combining basic strategies such as building geometry, highly insulated exterior systems, self-shading textured rain screen, and natural day-lighting techniques provide lowtech solutions to increasing efficiencies. Additionally, photovoltaics coupled with a geothermal HVAC system will bring the building’s power needs within net-zero. 

Golden Empire Transit (GET) Bus
Bakersfield, CA
Services Provided

Commissioning, Building Certification