New Consolidated Rental Car Facility

IMEG provided HVAC, plumbing, and electrical engineering design for a 10,000-sf rental car quick-turn-around (QTA) building. The facility includes offices and service garage space for three rental car companies. The design included: 

  • Two-lane car wash  
  • Fueling islands 
  • Infrared radiant tube heating system providing heat for the garages 
  • Exhaust system with CO/NO2 monitoring system to ensure proper garage ventilation 
  • Oil separators for each of the three tenant spaces and for the common use space 
  • Water, drain, and power connections for the car wash system  
  • Domestic water boosting system to achieve the required water pressure.  
  • Office spaces served by independent, high-efficiency furnaces with air conditioning units 
  • Dedicated air conditioning system for the IT room  
  • Power and lighting for the entire facility, fueling island, and parking lot 
Quad City International Airport
Moline, IL
Services Provided

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing