New Dealership

IMEG’s civil team helped Harley Davidson dealer Bob Parson realize his dream come true. As he told the Phoenix Business Journal, Parsons wanted to turn a five-acre parcel of land in Scottsdale into a “total attraction.”

Billionaire, philanthropist and founder of GoDaddy, Parsons, wanted to give people a reason to come and hang out at his new dealership. More than just a showroom, this dealership is complete with a 48-seat movie theatre, meeting rooms, banquet areas, a tattoo parlor, a barber shop, and even a wedding venue. He emphasized the space uses all of the land, building 60 feet up and 90 feet down to create the 150,000-sf Harley Davidson dealership that is now the largest in the world.

The IMEG team was involved from project conception to store opening, providing engineering design, construction phase support, and managing surveying services to create this roadside landmark.

IMEG developed the efficient grading design that allows this dealership to be displayed like a showpiece in the area while adapting the proposed improvements to the surrounding site constraints. The drainage design presented challenges due to existing regional drainage conditions that had to be incorporated into the design. This required close coordination between the design team and the City of Scottsdale. IMEG also designed new water and sewer services that extend from the building to the public city mains in the street.

Harley Davidson
Scottsdale, AZ
5 acres
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