New Police Department

IMEG provided engineering design and services for the City of Rock Island’s new police station. The $20 million, 44,500-sf building doubled the space available to the police department, which had outgrown its current, 22,000-sf, 75-year-old facility. The new building and its modern technology allow the department to increase efficiency and upgrade services to the community. 

IMEG collaborated with the architect, owner and end-users in group meetings to ensure the design met the unique requirements of the different divisions and spaces within the building, including: 

  • 911 communications center. The most critical area of the building, the center was designed in accordance with NFPA 1221, “Installation, Maintenance and Use of Emergency Services Communications Systems.” This includes fully-redundant HVAC and emergency power systems. 
  • Prisoner processing and evidence areas. These areas include additional security measures related to the infrastructure, in addition to “detention-rated” fixtures such as remotely-operated lavatory controls. 
  • Crime lab and evidence processing. These areas include specialty exhaust systems and fume hoods for the drug lab and finger printing stations, and digital evidence tracking. 

All design met the baseline standards of the 2013 International Energy Conservation Code. Energy-efficient features include vacancy sensors, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and LED lighting in some areas. 

The technology design supports the building’s high-level security features including all access control and door hardware coordination, security address systems, video surveillance cameras, duress buttons, and silent alarms.

IMEG provided geotechnical exploration, construction materials testing and construction observation services for the project. The site was underlain by about five feet of undocumented rubble fill and very soft alluvial and organic deposits. Deep foundation support of the floor slab and foundation were necessary. Vibro concrete columns were selected to transfer the planned structural loads to competent soils. During construction, IMEG provided deep foundation construction observation and testing, compaction testing, concrete testing, structural steel inspection and floor flatness testing services. 

City of Rock Island
Rock Island, IL
Services Provided

Materials Testing, Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Protection, Technology, Commissioning, Construction Administration