New Production Facility Site Design

Kettlehouse Brewing Company is a craft brewing company that got its start as a brew-on-premise facility and has grown to serve Missoula and the surrounding areas with two taproom locations on the North and Southside of town. 

The most recent addition to the Kettlehouse brand is the expansion into Bonner with a 23,000-sf production facility housed on 18 acres, right on the banks of the Blackfoot River in Bonner, MT. The new location is set to produce approximately 20,000 barrels annually to begin with, with plenty of room to grow in the future. The expansion allows Kettlehouse to not only own its first production facility but to design it from the ground up to be efficient with high-quality equipment and a vision for something special. 

Kettlehouse teamed up with IMEG to manage the site design, which included on-site water/site development. IMEG was responsible for finding a treatment package that would work for their wastewater at the new facility. In order for IMEG to provide the best solutions for the client, team members learned more about the craft brew industry and attended a brewer’s conference. This allowed the staff at IMEG to increase their knowledge base of breweries and what their needs are. The team was then able to use their in-depth research to be efficient and cost effective when purchasing a sewer system and moving it to the new location in Bonner. 

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