New Replacement School

IMEG provided structural and commissioning services for a replacement high school on a greenfield site. Daylighting was important throughout the project so the structural design included making large joists in the gymnasium bottom chord bearing, which helped gain clerestory light; the large section of windows in the classroom brings light into the monumental stair. A hardened shelter was provided in the locker rooms through the use of precast and masonry.

Budget was a large factor throughout the design of the project. IMEG collaborated with the architect, OPN, and other key consultants to deliver the vision within budget. IMEG worked with the owner and architect on the hardened shelter, as budget did not allow for a complete tornado shelter, but layout and logistics in the locker rooms helped provide a fairly hardened area with minimal costs.

Insulated precast panels were used at exterior walls throughout. This helped speed up construction schedule, avoiding winter condition costs. Tight definition of unit prices helped control cost overruns building on a wet site in the early spring. Screenwalls, which tied into the architecture, were present in all areas of the building. IMEG worked to simplify the details of these to minimize steel detailing costs.

Greene County CSD
Jefferson, IA
135,000-sf new
Services Provided