New Systems Design

IMEG was selected as the engineering consultant for a remodel and replacement of the mechanical and electrical systems for the 126,000-sf North Quad Building. A requirement for Ball State and a key challenge for IMEG, was designing the new systems so that two-thirds of the existing building could remain open for classes throughout the construction period. IMEG successfully met this challenge by designing all the new systems (electrical power, fire protection, air handling, domestic water, sanitary piping, storm piping, chilled water piping, steam and hot water) such that they flowed in the opposite direction from the existing utilities. This allowed the existing utilities to remain in service and brought off-line as the new systems were placed into service. By doing so, the building down time was reduced to manageable segments to allow continued operation of the building.

Some additional features of the design include: a new HVAC system consisting of a dedicated outdoor air handling unit for each phase, tied to fan coil units for each space to help reduce overall energy use in the system; heating system designed for 150º F to allow for a future connection to a proposed campus geothermal loop; electrical service divided up to allow monitoring of power usage for HVAC users separate from the lighting and plug loads.

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