WELL Platinum Office Relocation

IMEG provided architectural lighting design and services for the 9,450-sf renovation project for Perkins Eastman’s Chicago office relocation, which has achieved WELL v2 Platinum certification.

Perkins Eastman’s new office is located in the heart of Chicago, within the Rookery, a historically significant building that retains the elegance of a bygone era. The design honors the aesthetic of the space –which includes exposed ceilings and brickwork — while incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, such as wireless lighting controls, curated lighting selections, and performance lighting in the work zone.

Luminaire selection, including dualistic lamp color temperatures as well as varying distributions and illuminance targets, illustrate the programmatic goals of creating separated hospitality and workplace zones. The hospitality concept is reinforced through decorative luminaire selections, warm color temperatures, and a layered approach. Work place zone lighting focuses on empowering the staff by minimizing glare and maximizing visual comfort to create an optimal working environment; indirect /direct with wide batwing indirect luminaires were selected to produce this effect.

Wireless lighting controls were employed throughout the open spaces to minimize rewiring of the existing space and maximize flexibility. Scene selection dimming control stations allow areas to transform from an everyday business environment to a soft event space with a warm ambience.

In the library, Dynamic color tuning luminaires allow finishes to be observed under a variety of color temperatures. The lighting control system provides for two separated zones of lighting allowing teams to independently work within the space each viewing different color temperatures.

IMEG also provided structural, mechanical, electrical, and technology design for the renovation.

Perkins Eastman Chicago
Chicago, IL
9,450-SF renovated
Services Provided

Architectural Lighting, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Technology, Intelligent Building