Parking Garage Vertical Expansion

When the main campus parking lot was replaced with student housing,  the University needed to add more parking spaces at other campus locations. The existing two-level, 270-space SAC parking garage was given a vertical expansion of two additional levels, increasing the campus parking supply by 223 parking spaces and transforming an existing plain parking structure to a building better suited for its surroundings.

The vertical expansion included two additional levels which increased the parking count to 493 spaces on that site. Along with the increased capacity, the aesthetics of the garage were enhanced to better suit the architectural vernacular of the adjacent buildings. This was accomplished with the addition of stone façade column covers and wall panels which helped blend the additional levels with the existing ones.

The expansion project included an addition of an elevator, which was installed within the existing footprint of the garage at one of the existing stair tower openings. New stairs were included to replace the existing stairs that were removed to make room for the elevator.

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