Pedestrian Bridge and Shared-Use Path

This project provided the City of Ottawa with a much-needed alternative route of transportation over Interstate 80 on the west side of the Illinois Route 23 interchange, where pedestrians and cyclists previously used traffic lanes to travel between the residential and commercial areas of the city.

The new multi-use pedestrian bridge received funding in November 2019, when IDOT awarded $2 million toward the $2.5 million project. Ottawa used federal funds to pay the remaining 20 percent of the project cost, $500,000.

IMEG provided civil and structural design, as well as construction inspection, construction layout, and survey services for the multi-phase project, which included a 2,200-foot bridge, new abutments, piers, slopewalls, and pedestrian signalization at the I-80/Illinois 23 ramps. Design for phases I and II of the project followed IDOT and FHWA guidelines. IMEG also worked with the city and stakeholders to explore aesthetic design options for the bridge that fit within the project budget.

The field survey included gathering topographic data to determine existing geometrics, identify potential staging areas, and document existing roadways, trees, light poles, and landscaping items. The team then provided structural design for the bridge’s abutments and approaches based on the structure requirements identified in phase I; civil design was provided for at-grade pathways, including earthwork and roadway approach crossings with ramps designed in accordance with all ADA accessibility standards.

IMEG’s construction inspection services included preparation of inspector’s daily reports (IDR’s), daily project diary, quantity book updates, and setting up the required electronic project documentation system required by IDOT for all federally funded projects. IMEG also provided shop drawing review and participated in meetings to ensure the project stayed on schedule and construction issues were resolved.

The new shared-use bridge provides a much safer route and easier access to both ends of Ottawa for pedestrian and bicycle traffic and includes extended sidewalks from W. Etna to W. Stevenson roads.

City of Ottawa
Ottawa, IL
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Services Provided

Civil, Structural, Construction Inspection, Construction Layout, Survey